Say goodbye to infections from pollution

Say goodbye to infections from pollution

Living in a 21st century city means we are exposed to various forms of pollution at all times. Unfortunately, we have no control over some of these sources, such as pollution from vehicles in traffic, so there's not much we can do to stay away from them.

And, to top it off, pollution levels are continuously rising in today's urbanised world. The effects of air pollution can be seen on our skin and overall health, as these tiny air particles go deep into our pores and make our skin more vulnerable to germ attacks that cause skin infections.

Pollution causes our skin to age prematurely (especially on the face, neck and hands) by accelerating the presence of wrinkles and dark spots on our skin. Being exposed to high levels of pollution also makes us more prone to eczema and if you're constantly in areas with smog, you also have a higher risk of getting skin issues such as acne, rashes or dry skin.

So what can we do to protect our skin against the effects of pollution?

Drink water

Reduce the effects of pollution on your skin by staying hydrated. Drinking a lot of water is beneficial for your skin as it doesn't just hydrate it but also improves skin's elasticity and generates cell growth, amongst other benefits. Also, wash your face often to remove pollutants from your skin.

Shower effectively with pollution-fighting ingredients

Having a shower is the best way to rid your body of all the pollutants you're exposed to during the course of the day but using the right body wash takes this a step further. New Lifebuoy Nature Protect is nature's best protection from pollution and germs and the easy way to care for your skin. The Matcha and Charcoal variants are filled with natural ingredients that work together to defend your skin from the effects of pollution. Green tea's antioxidants fight pollution and germs while charcoal deep cleans while sucking out germs from inside your pores.

Stock up on antioxidants

Ensure that your daily diet includes foods that are rich in antioxidants like vitamins C and E as these have anti-ageing qualities. Foods such as berries, kale and spinach are bursting with antioxidants so get your fix when you can. And, when it comes to skincare, choose products that contain antioxidants too, to combat the effects of pollution on your skin. Matcha tea is packed with antioxidants so drink it often and use products that feature it as an ingredient too, such as the Matcha variant from the Lifebuoy Nature Protect body wash range.

Use sunscreen

Minimise the effects of pollution by slathering on sunscreen every day. Too much exposure to UV radiation causes wrinkles and even skin cancer in extreme cases. By using sunscreen, you're creating a barrier between your skin and the pollutants and free radicals in the air so put it on your face and neck area to best protect yourself. 

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